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What are some of your primary objectives as a company? Many companies attempt to attract customers, build brand value, improve customer experience, and grow sales to make more money.

While other goals such as striving for quality are vital, marketing and advertising are the most effective strategies to attract clients. In the advertising world, LED signs have always been a pioneer. They can communicate brand value and entice visitors in ways that no other medium can.

Here’s why LED signage is the best option for advertising your business.

It Lasts Longer

LEDs can easily last 3 to 6 years, giving you about 50,000 to 100,000 hours of functioning hours. They’re comparatively much brighter and long-lasting than neon and fluorescent lights.

Apart from outlasting the ordinary bulbs, they also maintain a higher degree of brightness over time as they don’t contain any gases that can leak, dimming the lights.

Eye-Catching Brightness

The striking brightness of LED lights is one of the key features that set them apart from other signs. LED technology is distinctive due to its bright, clear light that is simple to read from a distance as well as up close.

It also stands out brightly at night and is bright enough to be visible when the sun is shining. This means that no matter if your customers are driving by or walking or what time of day it is, they will be able to clearly see your brand and logo.

Plays With Customers Psychologically

Humans are primarily visual creatures, and sight is one of our most vital senses. Content with visuals earns 94% more views than just plain text. It shows how catchy and unique visual features can effectively attract clients.

Consider a large firm such as Apple, Mercedes-Benz, or McDonald’s. It’s easy to visualize their brand emblem. You may also visualize the colors associated with their brand.

The bright and striking colors of LED lights will elicit an emotional and psychological reaction from the customer.

Environment Friendly

LED signs typically utilize roughly 10 watts of power, about 80% less energy than neon signs. This low power consumption helps lower your utility bills significantly while also putting less strain on the environment.

LEDs also don’t emit harmful gases like argon or mercury and can be recycled cleanly, making them environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, because LEDs emit far less heat than traditional bulbs,  you won’t have to worry about your sign increasing the temperature of rooms if placed indoors and increasing your air conditioning expense.

Low Maintenance

LED signs require significantly less maintenance than traditional systems.  LED signs eliminate the need for ballast, lowering long-term maintenance costs. They are easy to clean as they don’t heat up or aren’t delicate tubes to deal with.

They will practically never burn out as they don’t contain any gases or glass tubes that can break or leak. They’re great for outdoor use and don’t require much protection from the exterior surrounding, unlike incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. For rainy or humid environments, waterproof LED solutions are ideal.

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