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Every business knows how important it is to not only bring customers to your brick and mortar facility, whether it’s a store, restaurant, or service delivery location. But what can you do to make your business stand out and be more appealing to customers that pass you by?

Invest in banners!

They’re a great addition to your regular signage and marketing materials because they’re fun, time-specific, and often give you a bit more freedom to experiment with than traditional signage and signs.

Here are some ideas to help you design the best banner for your business and have it printed by our company:

Make sure it comprises all necessary elements

Your banner should have the essentials as part of the design, including your company’s logo, the branding theme and style, a value proposition that focuses on your services, the purpose of the banner and highlights whatever you want to promote, and a  call-to-action (CTA).

A CTA on a physical banner is slightly different and would typically include contact information and an invitation to enter the store itself. Think of it as a welcome sign, but one with a more specific intention.

For instance, you can make the CTA more time-sensitive to create a sense of urgency and encourage people to make a purchase faster. Sales, limited-time offers, deals, and other information can really drive the crowd home.

Don’t overcrowd it with graphics and information

When designing a banner, be sure to have fun but not overcrowd it with graphics and information. This will take away from the main messaging, overwhelm and confuse readers, and leave them feeling disinterested. What’s important is choosing graphics and details that work well for this purpose, look visually and aesthetically pleasing, and align with your overall branding.

Keep the font size appropriate for better readability

Speaking of visuals and messaging, a very important tip is to keep your font sizes appropriate for better readability. You’d be surprised at how effective it is when you mix and match the font size. For instance, promote the main purpose, event, sale, or offer in the main frame and choose smaller text sizes for other details. You want to focus on where the eye is drawn and how you can appeal to people’s visual periphery.


If you’re looking to print banners for your business, contact us for custom sign printing in Dallas and Frisco, 3D signs and graphic installation, and various other services. We specialize in custom-made interior and exterior signage, reception signs, banners, and various other perfect products for business owners. You can also request a quote for the type of sign you need and work closely with us for more information and specifications.


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