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Custom Outdoor Signage and Building Signage in Texas

Using striking graphics and outdoor signage helps exude the dedication and ethos of your company’s success while helping you create a memorable first impression. Besides helping people locate your business, they also extend your brand’s positive image while attracting customers and grabbing the audience’s attention towards your message. Made with high-tech materials, outdoor signage is a brilliant way to make your message stand out, whether it’s a bespoke business plaque, directional signage, nameplate, retail outlet signage, or custom business signage.
However, many people struggle to find a suitable type of outdoor signage. Fortunately, at MMK Custom, Inc., we’re a dedicated sign manufacturing company with extensive experience in various types of outdoor signage. Working in the industry for over three decades has helped us gain credible knowledge and insights about the industry, which our reps can share with you to help you find the perfect match for your space in Texas.

Why Do Businesses Install Outdoor Signage?

  • Identify:- Whenever a potential customer looks for your business, they can see the prominently displayed vivid signage to find out. The right outdoor sign is key to helping customers identify your brand’s storefront or office.
  • Impress:- With striking outdoor signage, capturing the attention of everyone passing by the office or storefront, walking down the street, or travelling in their vehicle becomes easier. It also helps make an instant, positive, and long-lasting impression.
  • Invite:- Outdoor signage can entice key customers with an appealing call-to-action-inspired tone that mirrors various other marketing platforms.
  • Inform:- You can use outdoor signage to relay critical information about the persona and nature of your brand.
  • Instill:- Forming connections and establishing relationships with potential customers becomes easier when these outdoor signages grab their attention. This is why it’s essential that your outdoor sign mimics and reinforces your business’s branding.
Note: We contract Licensed Sign Installers for Electrical signage Installation.

How To Create Attention-Grabbing Outdoor Signage For Your Business?

Design, color, size, and message all are equally important. Run your imagination wild, and our team of highly skilled designers and fabricators is likely to personalize your outdoor signage as per your requirements. We maintain open communication with our clients and walk them through every facet of the fabrication process with professional recommendations and creative ideas to ensure your outdoor signage radiates elegance while garnering unmatched attention.

Tried and Tested Tips To ensure your outdoor signage looks no less than great

  • Keep the message concise to enhance understandability
  • Use easy-to-read fonts of a distinguishable size  
  • Be creative and use a catchy copy
  • Avoid generic designs and don’t limit branding
  • Use colors that complement each other and represent your brand effectively
MMK Custom, Inc. can help you create exterior signage that’ll get you noticed in hail, rain, and shine so that your business can claim space on the roadside, in the streetscape, or the skyline. We offer reliable sign installation services to ensure your premium exterior sign shines bright while standing the test of time all year round. (All Electrical Sign Installations are contracted to Licensed Sign Installers).

Ready to Pick the Perfect Exterior Signage?

Team MMK Custom has vast experience in creating eye-catching custom 3D letters with LED, 3D signs, custom logo signs, metal signs, outdoor lightbox signs, banner signs, digital graphics, and more while ensuring a high-quality finish can be achieved, within budget and on time.
Disclaimer: Outdoor Signage and Building Signs Across Texas Need To Follow Particular Guidelines. (We contract licensed sign installers to install illuminated signs)
  • Exterior signs in Texas must have a permit
  • If the signage is being installed within the ground, the company needs to ensure the utility lines under the ground don’t get damaged. This is why the city provides locating services free of cost, but it can take time.
  • Landlord approvals are a must for all outdoor signages because most landlords have different requirements about the dimensions and types of exterior signage allowed on their property. You should check with them before making an order with a Signage company.
  • We Contract Licensed sign installer for Electrical sign Installation.
If you want to learn more, please feel free to connect with a rep at MMK Custom, Inc. by giving us a call. We will guide you about the process, help you connect with private companies that offer locating services and provide you with the highest quality exterior signage for your space in Texas.


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