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Investing in signage is crucial when it comes to developing and marketing your brand. The signage you choose will be the public face of your company.

It will determine how your target audience see your brand. Because your signage is such an essential investment, you need to be sure it’s done correctly when you commission it.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to signage:

1. The Wrong Color Scheme

Colors are crucial in conveying a message to your current and potential customers. Having said that, many firms make the grave mistake of selecting the wrong color palette.

Only an effective color scheme can help you get the desired impression, no matter how intriguing or appealing the design is. Did you know that different colors can elicit specific emotions and set a mood?

For example, bright colors help grab attention and enhance the sensation of alertness. However, utilizing too many bright hues can have the opposite effect.

When it comes to creating a visually pleasing design, balance is crucial. Therefore, take your time to select colors consistent with your brand to entice your customers.

2. Inconsistent Spacing

Like a bad color theme, uneven spacing is a major blunder you need to watch out for. Hence, the spacing between letters should be consistent throughout the content.

That involves making sure your font proceeds smoothly because certain typefaces modify the space between particular letter pairs to make it more appealing. The final output may not appear the same unless the manufacturer pays extra attention to the details.

The spacing around the letters should also be proportional to the text size. In terms of readability and visual appeal, negative spacing is equally crucial as letter spacing. You’ll need to find a specific balance based on your signage style and the number of images and text you have.

3. Incorrect Font

The next step is to make sure the font you’re using is readable and visible at a distance or nearby. Even if you spend a lot of time designing a unique design, the wrong typeface might throw everything off.

For signage, classic fonts are frequently the best option. You must avoid curvy, scripty, or difficult-to-read fonts as they mostly fail to grab customers’ attention.

4. Wrong Placement

The final stage in the creation process is to place the signage where it belongs. This is why you must find a reputable business that can help you properly install it. Avoid barriers such as trees, banners, and buildings that could block your sign.

Another vital thing to keep in mind is that weather and other elements can affect the appeal of your signage. Extreme weather conditions might deteriorate your signage sooner than expected. Therefore, you must ensure that your signage is installed correctly and safely.

5. Partnering With the Wrong Signage Company

Another common blunder business owners make is hiring the wrong signage company for the job. It’s critical to work with professionals to guarantee that the task is done correctly every time.

At MMK Custom, we got you covered with the best custom business signs in Dallas. From interior office signs, 3D letters, digital signage to outdoor lightbox signs and more, we provide customized signage in Dallas.

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